Robots: The key to immortality according to Russians, Americans are in disapproval and the world is in state of flux.

In this world, there are some that recite the age-old saying – ‘Money makes the world go around’, and then there are those who say that money makes the sane go mad. In the case of one particular Russian tycoon who’s made headlines recently, the latter paints a more accurate picture. Continue reading “Robots: The key to immortality according to Russians, Americans are in disapproval and the world is in state of flux.”

U.S. Surveillance reaches further than once thought – Now they’re after Edward Snowden.

The telecommunications surveillance system of the U.S. has been caught out, a whistleblower is missing and the world is on edge as the intricacies of America’s PRISM Surveillance program were leaked to the media. Now the question has risen – Has the Obama Administration gone too far?edward.snowden.thumb

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U.S. Drone Strikes: Killed too many; Obama Responds.


I like to think of myself as an Obama-backer. I remember when he was voted in, and I remember when he was first inaugurated. Hope was high and emotions were swelling. But there is one aspect of the Obama Administration that simply doesn’t add up to the positive hype we’ve seen surrounding the current U.S. Presidency – American Drone (UAV) Strikes.

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The day we all die . . . from social media.

So the day will finally be upon us in a mere 2 hours. The day that the world is allegedly going to end.Image

First of all, for those of you who have been lucky enough to avoid the ongoing onslaught of social media hype surrounding this event, let me catch you up to speed:

A long time ago there was a civilisation of an ancient peoples named the Mayans. They had a calendar which, for some unknown reason, ended on the date 21.12.2012. (Or 12.21.2012, if you’re American or prefer that date format) So for the entirety of this year there have been a growing collective of gullible people looking forward to, while at the same time fearing, tomorrow’s date. There’s not one specific way the world is meant to ‘end’ however the growing possibilities have only helped in the mania surrounding this assumed apocalypse (regardless of the fact that there are apocalypse predictions for years beyond 2012 and that most people under 25 years old have already survived a whole bunch of them).

Anyway, now that you know the story of why the world is meant to cease to exist once tomorrow starts, let me fill you in on what’s actually going to happen:

December 21st, 2012 is going to begin, like any other day this year did, with the sun rising, people awaking from their sleep and the annoying voice of Karl Stefanovic on The Today Show on Channel 9.

And then, when people gain their bearings, the Facebook statuses will start. Maybe with realisations that the morning has begun and the world hasn’t ended. Maybe with annoying messages of love and hate from one insignificant Tween to another in the hope that there won’t be another time to say such things. Maybe the online trash-bag might even grow with a few ridiculous statuses about what people plan to do on their last day on Earth. ‘Cos, you know, people care, right?

Then soon after, Twitter might get sucked into the repetitive hype. #YOLO, #TheEnd #EndoftheWorld are sure to be popular hashtags for this Christmas season, you better get in amongst it before they get too overused and people start vanishing from the face of the planet (or something like that….)

The point here is that, for those of us still left with some wit in our brains and a smidgen of common sense, life will be better if we leave our social media accounts very very far away from ourselves, just for tomorrow. It’ll be tough, but it’ll be a hell of a lot easier than having to repeatedly slap yourself in the face from all of the stupid you find on the internet tomorrow. (Unless that’s what the ancient Mayan Aliens from the Outer Galactic wanted to happen, in which case we were always meant to die from a bombardment of IQ-lowering social media updates)

(*Disclaimer: If the world actually does end . . . Then I’ll admit I’m wrong. Not that anyone will really take notice because we’ll all be dead).