Success through Sacrifice: Student theatre inspects struggles of female leadership.

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In the minds of females everywhere, the treatment of Julia Gillard while she was Australia’s first female Prime Minister has been awarded one success: She has turned feminism in this country from a bubbling back-noise into a violent roar.

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The 10 things that the movie ‘The Blind Side’ showed me.

If you’re anything like me, you would’ve felt a heart-warming response to this movie. The film, depicting a true story, really opened up a lot of things for me. Here are ten, in no particular order:


1. Never count out the little (Or big, or shy or nice or minority) guy.

2. Life is too short to live through monotony, relying on material possessions and sticking to your own crowd.

3. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone.

4. Teach someone to walk again and they’ll end up running.

5. There is hope for every single person to achieve their wildest dreams.

6. Never, ever give up.

7. Protect the people you love.

8. Always remember, you DO have a blind side in life. Open your eyes and your heart.

9. Work your hardest, and you will be rewarded.

10. Family isn’t defined by the people you’re related to. Your family consists of the people you love, cherish and value. You have the ability to shape your own family.

I hope you think some of the point I’ve brought up here in this post are right, and perhaps you agree with some?

If you haven’t seen The Blind Side I wholeheartedly suggest you go and watch it 🙂