The Sepp Blatter Promise Leading FIFA To The Gallows

Sepp Blatter’s promise to resign from FIFA has shaken International football to its core and the future of the world game looks bleak as the numbers stack up. Read more here . . 

Not only has the Vito Corleone-incarnate of FIFA promised to resign from atop of his piles of money but a chain of events has now begun to unravel as a result that could see the world football governing body fall faster than Mr Blatter himself once upon a time, seen here:

Blogger and British Insolvency Lawyer Guy Thomas last week published a post that shows that FIFA’s future looks quite rough when it comes to the numbers of their finances and their sponsors in the wake of their recent corruption scandal.

Essentially, as Thomas has told CNN News, “The basic operation of FIFA is to run world football, and it needs money to do so.”

With the U.S. jurisdiction waist-deep in a FIFA corruption investigation, Thomas believes that the road to the 2018 World Cup has begun to look quite poor with other countries yet to begin their investigations.

Major sponsors of FIFA and of the World Cups, such as VISA, have begun to show their hesitance in supporting the world governing body after claims that Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) risk losing their hosting rights.

In a strong word of caution directed towards FIFA in May, VISA released a statement including the following:

“[I]t is important that FIFA makes changes now . . . Should FIFA fail to do so, we have informed them that we will reassess our sponsorship.”

And thus, for an organisation dedicated to running tournaments defined by money, the future of FIFA looks bleak and has left executives begging following Sepp’s departure.


These updates come in the wake of the commencement of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada and news that suggests that the pay rates between men and women in the world game are far from equal.

  Last week it was discovered that the highest paid player in Men’s football last year was Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who managed to rake in an impressive $US80 Million.

Compared to the highest paid female player in the game, Brazilian Marta Vieira da Silva, who only earned $US400,000 in 2014 – 200 times less than Ronaldo (who also earned more than every female player currently playing in the Women’s World Cup).

Disgustingly, these statistics continue to pile up in opposition to FIFA , with damning reports that suggest that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be defined by the deaths of close to 4000 Qatari workers who are all under-paid, living in housing conditions of the poorest qualities and subject to illegal working agreements.

Despite speculation that Blatter is possibly reconsidering a move to cancel his resignation, it seems that his promise to leave the organisation has only gotten it into more trouble.

2 thoughts on “The Sepp Blatter Promise Leading FIFA To The Gallows

  1. It’s reminiscent of the IOC under Samaranch. Fortunately new leadership rescued the Olympics from the corruption taint. It will be interesting to see where FIFA goes from here.

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