10 Things An Aussie Only Misses When They Leave Australia

Four months is a long time for an Aussie to be away from the Land Down Under and my time abroad has shown me a few things about the big Oz that may interest you.

1. First and foremost, before any other consideration that may pass through an Aussie traveller’s mind – Where the Tim Tams at?


2. Seconded by: Vegemite please. And a lot of it.


3. Beaches are overseas are okay . . . Nothing like a Bondi or a Manly though.

4. Apparently when we speak to people from other countries (even in English), our accents render us impossible to understand.

5. Speaking of the way Aussies speak, our slang really stands out in other countries when we use it, and we do get ridiculed for it. (Cue scene of everyone saying G’day to welcome you)


7. It’s bloody-well great to not have to see Ol’ Mate PM Tony’s mug on the tele every night.

8. No matter where we go, we always compare any beer we drink to VB or Toohey’s.


9. Trying to explain the difference between Footy (Rugby League), Footy (Rugby Union) and Footy (AFL) to foreigners not from Australia is like trying to solve the Da Vinci Code.

10. Travelling Aussies truly missĀ Aussie-grade Sundays where all you can smell is the scentĀ of fresh-cut grass and barbecues and all you can hear is Phil Gould ranting during an arvo footy match.

And so there you have it – the 10 things that have stuck out most in my mind during my time overseas. And if these things didn’t convince you that Australia is a viable option for best country in the world. Just watch this video and I’m sure you’ll come around to the idea:

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