We’re #NekNominating each other to death.

One beer. Two beers. One vodka. Two JägerBombs. One marijuana pipe. A chicken head and eggs. The #Necknominate trend is growing and so are the levels that people go to to one-up their friends. How far will it last? Read more here . . .ImageNow, before I dive into this post, let me disclaim: I have been part of this fad. I downed a beer and I nominated two friends to go on and continue the chain.

Let me explain how many others and I are different from the dangerous behaviour now consuming the online video trend.

For those who are yet to be exposed to #NeckNominate, a run-down: One individual needs to scull a drink of their choice (originally beer) in the shortest time they can while videoing themselves. Following this, they ‘nominate’ one or two of their friends to do the same, and so the chain continues.

For many, a 300ml beer (typically between 1-1.5 Standard Drinks), can only induce mild tipsy-ness following a scull. A beer an hour with water generally allows most people to be under the legal limit, unless of course if you’re a provisional or learner driver.

Even after two beers, while being over the limit, people will generally find it hard to act in a manner that is socially characterised as alcohol-related anti-social behaviour whilst in their own homes.

But the #NeckNominate trend is weeks old now, and the stakes are getting higher and higher. Beer no longer makes the cut unless you pair it with a theatrical performance that will spur cheap laughs from viewers.

There are videos floating around Facebook now that see people downing full bottles of vodka, Jägermeister, wine and even a person’s own urine.

There have been videos of people drinking toilet water, eating chicken heads, swallowing whole egg yolks and smoking marijuana pipe after marijuana pipe.

It’s only a matter of time before something likened to moonshine is consumed and a death will be brandished over every Australian television along with the headline “Gen-Y drinks themselves to death.”

With all the talk of alcohol-related violence, coward punch deaths and binge-drinking issues one would think it’d be obvious not to stray too far from the 1-drink phenomenon that’s taken Facebook by storm.

For those who ‘neck’ one beer and post their videos, there is no evidence of any aftermath. For those who go further to achieve the respect of their peers, photos, videos and posts come from all sides detailing the sickening results of high-level alcohol consumption.

I’m all for a good time and a laugh – that’s why I joined in on this trend – but drinking yourself close to death simply for Facebook likes is simply not attractive in my eyes.

Like twerking, duckfaces, the harlem shake and Gandam Style, #NeckNominate is a fad and it won’t last too much longer, but even that might be too long to prevent a death.

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